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Käydään heti perään toisen lakkakokoelmapostauksen kimppuun ja pidetään sitten pieni tauko esittelyissä :)

Beach House, No Days Off, High Tide, Good Vibes, Birefringence, Gaia

Empire, Citrus Punch, Misbehaving, Encore, Ferris Wheel

holo night, Paris, meow, kako, winter

gilded, avocado, holiday, royal, boho

rocky, frank-n-furter, time warp, magenta, columbia

Amethyst, Apple-y Ever After, Sweather Weather, Black Pearl, Oh My Ganache, Olive or Twist

Prism Break, Holly Back Girl, Be Scareful, Coral of the Story, Foiled, Open Toad Shoes

Take It Or Leaf It, Flake Expectations, sELFie, #squadghouls, Kiss And Spell, Kringle All The Way

Bugs & Kisses, Coulda Had A Bad Witch, Hey There Pumpkin, Raking It In, Better Lake Than Never, Having A Gourd Time

D!ck in a Box, Bird is the Word, What The Deuce?

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