Nail Blogger Collaboration - Floral

Today is again extra blogpost, we have again some theme and today it's floral.

I have simple nail decorations today.

I use as base Avon Iceberg White, then i add bluesea water decals (unfortunately i don't know sheet number for these) and final touch with essence i love my golden pumps top coat.

Iceberg White is so pretty and easy simple basic white, i add two coats.

I think, that i have done these nails before :D


Anne - https://annesnailart.wordpress.com
Minna - https://talkandbake.blogspot.com/ (that's me!)
Paula - https://realpolishfanatic.com/
Zuzia - http://zumaluje.blogspot.com/
Weronika - https://www.malinaila.pl/
Patricia - http://www.nailsthatmatch.com/
Celeste - https://celestelovesnails.blogspot.com
Nicki - http://glittermynails.com


Paula - @RealPolishFanatic
Nicki - @glittermynails1
Zuzia - @celestelovesnails
Anne - @annes.nails
Weronika - @malinaila
Minna - @talkandbake (that's me!)
Patricia - @nailsthatmatch

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